From the European South

a transdisciplinary journal of postcolonial humanities

8 (2021)

Maps, mappings and cartographic imaginings

Recently, the panorama of map studies has flourished into many different directions, opening to the intellectual mixing of various domains because of the current reassessment of the widespread interest in cartography in disparate fields. While the humanities have been progressively charmed by the ‘figure’ of the map, a transdisciplinary and transmedial field of cartographic humanities is emerging to endorse a much-needed new cultural perspective on the realm of maps and mapping.

Table of Contents

  • Editorial

    Farah Polato and Tania Rossetto
    [pp. 3-12]
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  • On the migritude of maps

    Laura Lo Presti
    [pp. 13-28]
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  • (Deep) mapping postmortem geographies in the context of migration

    José Alavez, Lilyane Rachédi, Sébastien Caquard
    [pp. 29-46]
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  • Data colonialism: the census, the map, and the software

    Tommaso Grossi and Lucilla Lepratti
    [pp. 47-61]
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  • Paris ‘bande à part’: sguardi cartografici e tessuti cinematografici nel cinema di banlieue (e dintorni)

    Paola Cosma and Farah Polato
    [pp. 63-88]
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  • The cartographic impulse: post-representational cartography practices in contemporary visual art

    Diana Padrón Alonso
    [pp. 89-105]
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  • Confini coloniali e performatività della carta geografica

    Edoardo Boria
    [pp. 107-129]
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  • The “lost colony”: Italian colonial irredentism (1864-1912)

    Gabriele Montalbano
    [pp. 131-139]
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Creative interventions

  • Uncharter’d memories don’t fade

    Simona Martini
    [pp. 141-143]
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  • Mapping memories, charting empathy: framing a collaborative research-creation project

    Martina Melilli and Piera Rossetto
    [pp. 145-151]
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  • Cartografare la violenza, preservare gli orizzonti soggettivi: le sfide della forma nelle mappe di Jean-David Nkot

    Jean-David Nkot, Farah Polato, Tania Rossetto
    [pp. 153-166]
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  • A partire da L’attesa: conversazione con Dagmawi Yimer

    Dagmawi Yimer, Farah Polato
    [pp. 167-177]
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  • Mapping and making visual stories

    Juliet J. Fall on Quartieri: viaggio al centro delle periferie italiane by Adriano Cancellieri and Giada Peterle
    [pp. 179-184]
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