From the European South

a transdisciplinary journal of postcolonial humanities

Mapping and making visual stories

Juliet J. Fall on Quartieri: viaggio al centro delle periferie italiane by Adriano Cancellieri and Giada Peterle


How can we make our studies socially relevant beyond the academic world? How can we map the results of qualitative studies, making them visible in a manner that is both creative and engaging? In this review essay, the author reads the comic book anthology Quartieri. Viaggio al centro delle periferie italiane edited by Adriano Cancellieri and Giada Peterle to reflect on the role of comics as a visual method for research in the social sciences. Indeed, the spatial visuality of comics has received substantial attention from comic book scholars and, more recently, from geographers and other social scientists. The maps drawn by Quartieri provide an example of how to mobilise comics to – literally – draw people into taking an interest in left-behind spaces, like the five peripheral neighbourhoods at the centre of this comic book anthology.


comics, urban maps, neighbourhoods, social studies



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