FES 10 stands as an attempt to sound the depths of our post-virus world. The term ‘post’ does not signify the overcoming of the virus, but marks its ongoing transformation of, and entrenchment within, the contemporary geopolitical and cultural landscape. As we write, yet another variant of COVID-19 has emerged: Omicron. The name for the new variant does more than simply expand the pandemic lexicon. It evidences the capacity for a lethal more-than-human agent to mutate and escape human attempts to domesticate, neutralise and eliminate it. Cast in this context, we suggest that COVID-19 carries an emblematic charge that metaphorically embodies different agents of lethal power: colonialism, racism, racial capitalism and ecocide – to name but a few of the most pressing viral forces at work in the global landscape. One thing is clear in the contemporary context: none of these toxic agents have been effectively overcome. Like the virus, they appear to have an infinite capacity to mutate, take hold of their hosts and thereby continue to consolidate their hold on power.


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