From the European South

a transdisciplinary journal of postcolonial humanities

The cartographic impulse: post-representational cartography practices in contemporary visual art

Diana Padrón Alonso


Post-representational cartography is being approached from broad interdisciplinary fields such as cultural studies and geographical humanities. Since poststructuralism and postmodern theory, political and cultural readings have emerged which consider dynamic, performative, and postcolonial realities in cartographic practices. Taking the hypothesis that contemporary visual arts have played a fundamental role in this paradigm shift, this article presents a part of the research developed within the R&D project on critical cartography in the framework of the Art Globalization Interculturality laboratory at the University of Barcelona. With the aim of understanding the relationship between post-representational cartography and contemporary visual arts, a brief state of the art of the most significant contributions is presented, as well as a set of categories as interpretative conceptual tools for the case studies: contingent cartographies, sedimented cartographies, embodied cartographies and cosmographies. In the same way, these results are analysed by problematizing the challenges and contradictions found when confronting cartographic practices in contemporary visual arts from a post-representational perspective.


post-representational cartography, postcoloniality, contingent cartographies, sedimented cartographies, embodied cartographies, cosmographies



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