From the European South

a transdisciplinary journal of postcolonial humanities

On the migritude of maps

Laura Lo Presti


This paper recognizes the multiple emotional inclinations and political scripts performed by cartographic imaginings and objects in the (anti-)immigration discourse, and explores the diverse cartographic expressions of migration that emerged within the crisis generated at the outer and inner borders of Europe. By referring to the several ways that migrants, policy actors, journalists, writers, filmmakers, artists, and activists relied on mapping and map-like objects to navigate, represent, touch and commemorate the forms of social, cultural, and physical im/mobilisation that characterise the present age of migration, the migritude of maps is unravelled through reflections on the transitude, that is, the ephemeral and materially transient range of mappings that facilitate the passage across the alpine route; the digitude, the portable and often reliable mobility offered by mobile mapping devices to migrants during their terraqueous journey across the desert and the sea; and the tragic finitude of many clandestine journeys, which is evoked by necrotic symbols, acts and materials signalling deaths on maps.


migritude, immobility, migrant crisis, digital mapping, cartographic humanities



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