From the European South

a transdisciplinary journal of postcolonial humanities

Percorsi transculturali e postcoloniali in Roma negata di Rino Bianchi e Igiaba Scego

Carla Carotenuto


Cross-cultural and postcolonial routes in Bianchi and Scego’s Roma negata. The paper traces the urban and global, historical and geographical, cross-cultural journey that Rino Bianchi and Igiaba Scego undertake in the book Roma negata. Percorsi postcoloniali nella città (Ediesse 2014), effectively combining word and image. Scego’s writing and Bianchi’s photographs return the voice to Africa that has been forgotten by Italians, reconstructing an often omitted past. The authors fill the gaps and the voids in the individual and collective memory of Italian colonialism in Africa, through stories, documents, texts, autobiographical and literary references. In this journey between past and present, more or less known monuments and places are described from an estranged perspective, recovering original meanings that have been ignored or removed. This route allows us to resume the relationships that bind Italy to Africa.




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