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“Small supplies of grace”: arte, pacifismo e transnazionalità nei versi delle poete arabo-americane

Mariangela Masullo su In filigrana. Poesia arabo-americana scritta da donne di Lisa Marchi


The researcher Lisa Marchi (Università di Trento) explores the works of four Arab poets writing in English from a transnational, gendered, and multilingual perspective. The authors selected (Nye, Kahf, Hammad, Adnan) are four women poets of Arab descent living in North America. Their poems, mainly written under the dramatic consequences of the ‘war on terror’ the US launched against the Middle East after 9/11, are closely examined. Marchi shows how these poets deal with pacifism, ecology and their double identity through literary strategies, thus developing an alternative approach to the ongoing war perspective. Linguistic choices, political positioning and theoretical approaches are analyzed. The poets’ counternarrative of the mainstream vision of the so-called ‘crash of civilization’ is, in Marchi’s analysis, a contribution to the ultimate aim of poetry of un-walling borders and building up a new peace process.


Arabic poetry, women’s poetry, ecology, pacifism, transnationalism



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