From the European South

a transdisciplinary journal of postcolonial humanities

11 (2022)

General Issue

“How do we listen to Italian colonialism?” is the groundbreaking question posed by the SPECIAL FOCUS of FES 11. Its aim is to investigate the concept of ‘sonic memory’ as it relates to colonial history, with a particular interest in, but not limited to, the Italian case. Sonic memory refers to the narratives of colonial imperial ventures and to how music and sounds have been used to represent colonized people; it also raises questions about their resonance in contemporary discourses on postcolonialism, migrations, racism and the global South. The case of Italian colonialism is of particular interest, as the project of Ethiopian occupation was accompanied by the production of a vast repertoire of songs that became ubiquitous during the 1930s, only to disappear from the collective soundscape a few years later. As a General Issue, FES 11 also features an  ARTICLES | INTERVIEWS | REVIEWS section.

Table of Contents


  • “Those are memories that must be sung”: introducing the sonic legacy of Italian colonialism

    Gianpaolo Chiriacò and Emilio Tamburini
    [pp. 4-9]
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  • Decolonizing Listening to Decolonize Memory

    Francis Sosta
    [pp. 10-23]
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  • Abdi’s Shop and the Duka Azmari House. Musical Traces of the Italian Colonial Project in Addis Ababa and in Italy

    Gianpaolo Chiriacò
    [pp. 48-63]
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  • (Un)making the myth of Italianità: on the relationship between imagery and song in Fascist colonialism and its heritage

    Alessandra Ferlito
    [pp. 64-77]
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  • Sound map of a migration journey: a sonic essay

    Melanie Garland
    [pp. 78-86]
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  • Listening to colonialism and hearing liberation

    Napoleon Maddox
    [pp. 86-92]
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  • Unveiling paths and patterns: a stylistic analysis of Chris Abani’s Song for Night

    Gabriela Alexandra Banita
    [pp. 94-108]
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  • Blackness, epiphenomenal reality, and “our painfully shared humanity”: an interview with Michelle M. Wright

    Renata Morresi
    [pp. 109-121]
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  • An Interview with writer Ayesha Harruna Attah

    Elisa Bordin
    [pp. 122-126]
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  • “Small supplies of grace”: arte, pacifismo e transazionalità nei versi delle poete arabo-americane

    Mariangela Masullo su In filigrana. Poesia arabo-americana scritta da donne di Lisa Marchi
    [pp. 127-131]
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