From the European South

a transdisciplinary journal of postcolonial humanities

M.A.M. Matri-Archivio del Mediterraneo. Grafie e Materie

Silvana Carotenuto e Annalisa Piccirillo


M.A.M. The Mediterranean Matriarchive: graphics and matters. This is a brief presentation of the project M.A.M. Matri-Archive of the Mediterranean (“Reti di Eccellenza,” P.O.R. Campania FSE 2007-2013), devoted to young emerging female artists, working in the Mediterranean area, who intend to publicize and share their experimentation in perfomance, photography, choreography, land art and bio art. The digital archive has four sections: the ‘matriarchs’, the ‘matrix’ and the ‘mother tongue’, ‘matter’ and the ‘materials’. They deal with questions of classical and contemporary mythology, the Mediterranean Sea as a place of displacement, migration and diaspora, issues related to languages and techniques, and contemporary problematics connected to ecology and to the female use of recycling materials.




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