From the European South

a transdisciplinary journal of postcolonial humanities

Sulla razza, i razzismi e le nostre pratiche di studio

Elisa Bordin su Razzismi contemporanei. Le prospettive della sociologia di Annalisa Frisina


On race, racisms, and our methods of study. The first part of Annalisa Frisina’s book Razzismi contemporanei (contemporary racisms) provides a historical overview of how sociology has dealt with the category of race and how that has contributed to solidify racism or, more often, how the work of prominent sociologists has critically engaged the concept by pointing out its cultural basis. The second part of the volume deals with an analysis of different aspects of our daily lives (school, work, the police, etc.) where people are exposed to forms of structural racism.


Sociology, racism, race



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