From the European South

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Black women's voices reach out to the world

Giada Bonu on Il luogo della parola (Lugar de Fala) by Djamila Ribeiro


The enduring struggle of black feminism to make the voice of marginalized groups matter is developed in this book by Djamila Ribeiro, a Black Brazilian feminist philosopher and journalist, through the notion of “the place of the word” and the issue of the accessibility of knowledge. In her work Lugar de Fala (The Place of the Word, 2019), she comes across the longstanding history of black women’s fights and resistance, challenging the universal epistemology that constantly misreads some voices instead of others. This book, recently translated into Italian, French, and Spanish, is aimed at producing a tool for political action by crossing geographical, political, and social borders and supporting black women’s empowerment and self-awareness. According to the radical idea of accessibility of knowledge, Ribeiro speaks to everyone, democratizing the access to certain concepts and tools. This political task has been taken on by an independent Italian publishing house, which carried on Ribeiro’s effort in the European context.


feminism, intersectionality, translation, decoloniality, Brazil



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