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A proposito di razza e visualità

Lisa Marchi su A fior di pelle. Bianchezza, nerezza, visualità. Introduzione e cura di Elisa Bordin e Stefano Bosco


About race and visuality. The collection of essays A fior di pelle. Bianchezza, nerezza, visualità (2017), edited by Elisa Bordin and Stefano Bosco, explores the intersection between critical race studies and visual studies, by following an interdisciplinary and g/local approach. The work is divided into three sections: Black Icons investigates the shifting social, political, and symbolic role played by Black icons (such as Barack Obama, Django Freeman, Saartjie Baartman) in different historical periods and geographical settings; Travelling Blackness considers the historical construction of Blackness and its deliberate appropriation through performance by, among others, contemporary rappers; Italians’ Whiteness critically interrogates the construction of whiteness in Italy during the post-war period with a specific focus on TV advertisements and movies. All the essays included in the volume agree on considering race as a fluctuating signifier, whose construction and manifold roles change across time and space.


race, visual arts, g/local, gender, interdisciplinarity



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