From the European South

a transdisciplinary journal of postcolonial humanities

Modeling the power of indigenous storytelling to address contemporary intergenerational trauma



Alicia Elliott's latest novel is a journey into the meandering mental turmoil of a Native American woman as she tries to reconcile her ancestral roots and traumatic background with a new, privileged life that contains all the greatest paradoxes of the aftermath of colonialism. A powerful, gritty, horrifying, and ultra-modern read which nonetheless touches on the innermost urges of the human soul by exposing what it entails to live with their very denial. Elliott's style is brutal, sarcastic, acutely entertaining, and draws the reader in with a pace that gradually increases to challenge our perception of the events. The author's fictional strategies serve as an opportunity to initiate the healing of generational rifts through a brash vision that can address the contemporary.


Postcolonial, indigenous, horror, fiction, mental health, racism, motherhood



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