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Jitney: Black is beautiful, and possible



The premiere of August Wilson’s Jitney, directed by Renzo Carbonera at the Teatro Astra of Vicenza on 12 May 2023, is part of a larger project promoted by La Piccionaia Center in Vicenza, with the support of the US Consulate General in Milan, in collaboration with the August Wilson Legacy, Pittsburgh University, and Padua University. The premiere was a historical event, not only because it was the very first time that an Italian theatre had hosted an August Wilson play in Italian, but it was also the first time a cast made up only of Black Italian actors performed on stage. The quality of their performance confirmed that there is a sizable number of very good black actors trained in the most prestigious Italian schools and that the only thing that separates them from everyone else is opportunity.


August Wilson, Jitney, Black Italian actors, Black English, Italian translation



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