From the European South

a transdisciplinary journal of postcolonial humanities

Storytelling e ambiente ostile: nuove geografie di lotta e di speranza

Claudia Gualtieri e Maurizio Veglio


Storytelling and hostile environment: new geographies of engagement and hope features two life stories by refugees seeking asylum. The witnesses/narrators, AMA and HH, experienced migration and detention in Italy. AMA’s story, The teenager’s tale, is retold by Maurizio Veglio, the lawyer who collected it, while HH’s tale, Fortunes and misfortunes of Mr. HH, is narrated by himself. These narratives are part of a project of storytelling that invites the creation of a new geography of movement, listening and solidarity by challenging the hostile environments that marginalise and silence stories. This storytelling animates a struggle and project of engagement for a future of welcoming and hope.


Refugee Tales, movement, listening, solidarity, future



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