From the European South

a transdisciplinary journal of postcolonial humanities

9 (2021)

General issue

FES 9 opens with a celebration of the literary and academic achievements of Abdulrazak Gurnah, the Zanzibar-born novelist and academic based in the United Kingdom, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature on 7 October 2021, “for his uncompromising and compassionate penetration of the effects of colonialism and the fate of the refugee in the gulf between cultures and continents.” The issue is enthusiastically dedicated to Gurnah the writer and academic, whose brilliant body of works speaks to the core interests of this journal, as the SPECIAL FOCUS on “Borders, race, and global mediascapes” proves, and the TESTIMONIES section on “Storytelling and hostile environment” confirms. Issue 9 also features ARTICLES submitted by promising young researchers in postcolonial humanities, as well as a REVIEWS section including an insightful reading of La malapena by Maurizio Veglio, a lawyer and civil and human rights activist, who provides fresh insight into the workings of the Italian administrative approach to unwanted immigration.

Table of Contents

Special focus | Borders, race, and global mediascapes: deconstructing violence in politics and representations

  • Borders, race, and global mediascapes: deconstructing violence in politics and representations

    Gaia Giuliani, Sofia José Santos, and Monish Bhatia
    [pp. 7-11]
  • Perfect victims and monstrous invaders: media, borders, and intersectionality in Italy

    Barbara Pinelli and Gaia Giuliani
    [pp. 13-30]
  • Representations of Bangladeshis and internal ‘Others’ in the Indian press: the cases of Felani Khatun, Zohra Bibi and the ‘woman in red sari’

    Monish Bhatia and Rimple Mehta
    [pp. 31-46]
  • Covid-19 pandemic: the reproduction and contestation of securitisation of asylum seekers, immigrants and Afro-descendants in the Portuguese media

    Rita Santos and Sofia José Santos
    [pp. 47-68]
  • Geographies of violence: island prisons, prison islands, black sites

    Suvendrini Perera and Joseph Pugliese
    [pp. 85-97]
  • From Colston to Montanelli: public memory and counter-monuments in the era of Black Lives Matter

    Angelica Pesarini and Carla Panico
    [pp. 99-113]


  • Narrating the Italo-Ethiopian War in Gabriella Ghermandi’s Regina di fiori e di perle (2007) and Maaza Mengiste’s The Shadow King (2019)

    Brandon Breen
    [pp. 129-140]
  • Sherlock Holmes in Abyssinia: subverting colonial power in Carlo Lucarelli’s Albergo Italia and Il tempo delle iene

    Enrico Zammarchi
    [pp. 141-154]



  • Da portatori di bisogni a portatori di diritti

    Davide Zoletto su Dalla parte degli ultimi di Roberto Sardelli e Massimiliano Fiorucci
    [pp. 177-180]
  • Italiani ‘brava gente’? Analisi e testimonianze della ‘malapena’, la detenzione amministrativa degli stranieri intrappolati nella ‘sabbia mobile’ dei centri di permanenza per il rimpatrio

    Lidia De Michelis su La malapena. Sulla crisi della giustizia al tempo dei centri di trattenimento degli stranieri di Muarizio Veglio con prefazione di Emma Bonino
    [pp. 181-187]
  • Né qui / né là: chi racconta la storia?

    Ines Briganti su La ragazza che parlava zulu e altri racconti di Elleke Boehmer
    [pp. 189-192]

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