From the European South

a transdisciplinary journal of postcolonial humanities

2 (2017)

Insurgencies from the south and human rights

Table of Contents

  • Resistant repositioning: the production of revolutionary humanism

    Patrick Williams
    [pp. 5-20]
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  • Sweetly dancing: an intercultural dialogue on the epistemic revolution of nonviolent insurgency

    Giovanna Covi and Lisa Marchi
    [pp. 21-38]
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  • Notes on revolution and locality: a focus on Egypt in 2011

    Marta Cariello
    [pp. 39-53]
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  • Shades of feeling: human rights, decoloniality, and Palestine

    Luigi Cazzato
    [pp. 55-70]
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  • “When I see them I see us”: Palestinianness, Blackness, and new geographies of resistance

    Olga Solombrino
    [pp. 71-87]
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  • EcoSImies of care: a proposal for decolonizing ‘sustainable development’

    Gisela Carrasco-Miró
    [pp. 89-108]
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  • Tiananmen fiction: literary insurgencies in the diasporic Chinese community

    Elisa Bordin
    [pp. 109-122]
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  • The comic book as a ‘place of mediation’: encounters between codes and perspectives in Etenesh. L’odissea di una migrante by Paolo Castaldi

    Giada Peterle
    [pp. 123-143]
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  • Ceux qui traversent la frontière

    Georges Didi-Huberman
    [pp. 145-154]
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  • L’interruzione postcoloniale come lacerazione del sapere

    Miguel Mellino on Postcolonial Interruptions, Unauthorised Modernities, by Iain Chambers
    [pp. 155-159]
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